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Cost of the Treatments and Dental Insurance

Cost of the treatments

We will make every effort to treat you in the best conditions with cutting-edge dental equipment in order to satisfy your wishes.

Before beginning any dental treatment, we will determine together (according to your wishes, schedule, etc.) the different steps of your treatment plan as well as the amount of the investment that this represents.

A preliminary estimate will automatically be drawn up, and we will attempt to inform you about the coverage (insurance, financing, etc.) to which you would be entitled.

We will of course remain open to all your questions and requests for additional information before and even during the treatment. All payment methods (cash, debit, or credit card) are accepted.

Dental insurance

Our rates are those determined by the Association des dentistes du Québec and are the same for all patients, whether they are insured or not.

Don’t hesitate to contact your insurance company to learn more about the clauses of your contract, since these differ from one company to the next and from one employer to the next.

In addition, the possibility of financial agreements thanks to Dentoplan can be examined with our secretary in everyone’s interest and with respect for our commitment to the quality of the treatments and service that we will provide to you.

Payment for standard treatments is due on the day of the treatment.


We are pleased to announce that our clinic offers an interest-free financing plan with Dentoplan.

This is a simple, flexible, and practical financing vehicle specifically designed to allow you to access dental care now instead of putting it off.

To learn more, contact us at 450-232-5202.